Why is Diva Snap Talking About Hair This, Hair That?!

Diva Snap.com is transitioning into a Hair, Beauty, and entertainment visual blog site... I am making changing gradually but you are more than welcome to continue to check out the site. Enjoy!... Want to share your hair, beauty brand..., Email: Divasnap.com@gmail.com

~Divaish Toya

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Want to Write a Guest Blog for Us! 
{Serious Inquiries ONLY!}

We are always seeking Guests & Intern Writers/Bloggers... If you interested to write a blog post for us follow the guidelines below:

Website Submisson & Articles for Guest Writers:

  • Email - Diva.snap.divaish@gmail.com with Blog topic for further details:

  1. Submit 2-3 work samples of previously written published or non-published articles or website url link.
  2. Include your name, city & state only, email address, your blog or website url link, and a short biographical statement to appear at the end of your article.
  3. Must have social media accounts with up-to-date posting, sharing: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. provide all social media username & site url links... {All Credit Will Go To You}
Articles Expectation:
  • 400-800 words articles
  • High Quality Photos for your article are strongly recommended and should be large in size.
  • Blog Topic on the following:
  1. Beauty and Fashion – Submissions for articles on beauty & fashion trends, celebrity fashion, and feature pieces. Articles on woman health, fitness and wellness are welcome.
  2. Real Life Empowerment & Local News & Upates – Submissions for short and inspirational stories, motivational pieces,  positive awareness of local news, Articles on social issues, business, and career updates.
  3. Celebrity & Entertainment News & Updates – Submissions for controversial celebrity news stories and tips. Article on fun enetertaining, reality tv, new music videos, and most that relates to entertainment.
If your article meets the requirements you will hear a respond back immiadeletly or  within 1-4 weeks.
*DivaSnap.com reserves the right to select which articles will be submitted for publication on our website. Divasnap reserves the right to edit your content if see fit, otherwise the article will be publish with little or no editing.  Paid article is not allow and will be decline or rejected. However some blog topics/articles are subject for payment upon our discretion. Sponsored guest wirters are mostly preferred.


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