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The secrets are out and Author Shawdae McCraw is keeping it divaish and to the point about how it is to be a celebrity assistant to Keyisha Cole sister Neffeteria Pugh and her hubby-boo, producer/artist SoullowNeffe is also an Author, but is best known for reality TV stardom on spin-off show 'The Way It Is, and ’The Frankie and Neffe Show'. 

New author Shawdae book " Secrets 6 Feet Deep" is based on how she was treated after landing her dream job as a personal assistant to the reality TV couple when She soon finds herself being used and mistreated, in her personal and professional lives, that left her homeless and made her wonder if she’s jumped from the frying pan, directly into the fire. But darlings let us be the one to inform you that her  secrets and story get deep, as in six feet deep, and Shawdae  give us all the tea... 

Shawdae McCraw Q&A...

DivaSnap.com:  As mentioned your book is based on your experience as a worker for Neffe. Can you give us 5 words that can sum up your experience?
Shawdae: Depressing, frustrating, disbelief, uncomfortable, lies.

DivaSnap.com: What was your relationship with Neffe {who character Natalie in the book} before you became her assistant?
Shawdae {Character Chardonnay}: I didn't personally know her so we was just cool everything was just business and then as time went on she start to open up to me, we would talk about any and everything we laughed, we played, and became the best of friends more like sisters she made it clear to folks that I was her God sister, and best friend.

DivaSnap.com: How did you come up with the title of the book and does it relate to the story that is being told?
Shawdae:  I sat down at my kitchen table and broke down crying from anger,  frustration, and disappointment I was just speaking out loud saying I can't take these secrets to my grave if so they'll be six feet deep with me, and as I got madder I balled the paper up gave myself sometime to breath reopened it then look back over my paper and my eye brows went up.  I said this could be a title to a book Secrets 6 Feet Deep, because I never had any interest on writing a book what's so ever honestly.

DivaSnap.com:  How much of the book is realistic? It seems as if you took “The Best Man” route and disguised your real life experiences with some fictional characters.
Shawdae: 85% of the book is true, based off actual events.
DivaSnap.com: Were you ever compensated for your services? Or are you fighting to be compensated?
Shawdae: WOW the top question everyone ask well unfortunately NO! Nobody has paid me anything nothing, not even an apology card Neffe or her husband Soullow has NOT PAID ME.

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 "YAAS HUNTY".... 


{{Singing}}.. 'Marilyn Monroe', 'Marilyn Monroe', Diva! 
Brianna Perry is keeping it Divaish and to the point as she rock hard on her new track "YAAS HUNTY" and DivaSnap.com got the opportunity to chit chat with the Miami Raptress about the new single.

Brianna Perry has been in the rap game for quite a while now, and we have her here for a DivaSnap.com exclusive interview for her new singles bound to be mega hits here in Miami, in fact worldwide. Right now let’s get started…


DivaSnap.com: Hi Brianna, it is great to finally meet you and I’m going to jump right into this. We know that you began rapping at the age of 3, coming up in Miami which is such a talented city, who were the local artists that inspired you at such a young age to rap and be a part of the music industry? What was your breakthrough moment where you thought this was your calling?

BRIANNA: At a young age, I was blessed to be in the company of many of Miami’s homegrown artists who helped cultivate and expand our music scene. Artists such as Trick Daddy, Trina, Uncle Luke, Rick Ross, Pitbull, Flo-Rida, Brisco. The first time I ever walked into the studio I knew I never wanted to leave.

DivaSnap.com: You’ve collaborated with several well known artists such as Flo-rida, Missy Elliot, Trina, Dj Khaled, and etc.; tell us what it was like to work with them. Also who was your favorite to work with?
BRIANNA: Working with them all was beyond amazing! Each experience different but equally fulfilling, so it’s hard to choose just one person as my favorite. I admired them so being able to get close to them and pick up some of their work ethic was priceless.

DivaSnap.com: What makes you stand out from other female rappers? Tell us about your style and your flow.
BRIANNAMy story. It hasn’t been heard…

DivaSnap.com: Outside of music, describe your style on a normal day, for example while you’re home chilling by yourself or just out and about?
BRIANNA: Calm, laid back, in a relaxed get up, making others laughing.

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