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About us: From Miami Florida, Motto: "Deeper than Motivation”

We are not Journalists! We are Bloggers! We are Diva Snap a blog site of 'Divas On The Move' that is branching out to the community and networking industry providing a form of fashion/elegance, beauty, health/wellness, celebrity news, and entertainment. Our intention as Bloggers is to provide you with raw details in a Divaish way but straight to the Point. Specializing to make you smile when you're snapping. As we grow we will continue to update you on us. Thanks for visiting our site and enjoy your stay. You are now allow to snap!  (In our words...*Diva Snap*…. Pop those fingers… YAAS, U Snappin!)

#DivaSnap  with  smiles!

P.s. Keep in mind that our posts are based on our views of fashion, media gossip and news. Feel Divaish to join us, comment, and share our blog with others.

We're also the home of ...

She's A Boss Diva Inc.

Our New Baby:  The Loyal Chic Gang

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