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Thursday, June 16, 2016


While watching re-runs of Love and hip hop ATL, and seeing how Betty Idol got oh so defensive about Waka flocka or anyone who said anything about trans people. Leading her to get the D-Smith Chick all rauled up as well... 

We just had to question if Betty Idol was a trans herself, and when doing some research of course we found out the truth...., and we just know you are  curious to know also. Therefore, get the scoop on the inside.

Okay here's the snap on if Betty I is a trans per E.boobookitty.com:

"If you've been watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta then you've been introduced to Betty Idol.  Betty Idol is a 26-year-old singer from Houston, TX.  The rising star is earning $100,000 for her appearance on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.  Originally, Idol was signed on a a B cast member.  B cast member are paid on a per episode basis.                                                                           
So is Betty Idol a man?
No, Betty Idol is not a man.  Betty is very close to D. Smith, a transgender Grammy winning music producer.  Betty is best known for her work on the 2 Chainz song "Blue Dolphin".  Idol also is also featured on "Thug Cry" a song she did with rapper Rick Ross.  Speaking of Rozay, Love & Hip Hop Miami is in the works.

Betty Idol's nationality has also been questioned recently.  Betty Idol is Colombian and black."

So Folks there you have it! 

Any Thoughts
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