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Friday, April 22, 2016


Man what happen to dat boy...

In case you missed the snappin this a.m. on the Breakclub. Birdman came on the set and started snappin on the BC crew before they went on air and then He walked out of the live interview after confronting the hosts over allegedly disrespecting him.

Birdman snapped off on  DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne Tha God saying: 

“I’m gonna start this sh*t off straight telling all three of ya’ll stop playing with my name.” Watch the footage inside.

Okay here's the snap per the Source:

"Baby, who has been discussed frequently in recent months on The Breakfast Club given his high profile standoff with Lil Wayne, a violent bus shooting incident that resulted in an indictment that implicated he and Young Thug were in cahoots, and tabloid fodder reports regarding a previous relationship with Keyshia Cole. It was on The Breakfast Club that Rick Ross, who had been believed to be a good friend and close confidant of Birdman for much of his career, denounced the Cash Money Records founder, saying that after witnessing what he’d allegedly been putting Lil Wayne through–Weezy accused Baby of unfairly withholding his new album and his paychecks in 2014–he “can’t respect that.” Ross also flat out declared that he doesn’t have a relationship with Birdman. That interview quickly went viral.
This morning, Baby appeared incensed, and began barking at the three Breakfast Club hosts before he even sat down to be interviewed, telling them to “stop playing with his name.” When he finally sat down, Charlamagne Tha God began asking Birdman what the beef was about, and Baby became more agitated, and engaged in a brief back-and-forth with Charlamagne before deciding that the interview was over. He quickly stalked out of the room with his entourage, and that was that.

Watch below.

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