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Tuesday, April 19, 2016


We know that it hard out here nowadays to find real good, true loyal friends among us black women. Chileee tell us about it.... Well Divas, Ladies and Snappers there's a new app to help women find new friends foreva! Ha! Check it out inside.

Okay here the snap on the new friend apps per financial:

"As we get older, it gets tougher to find the kind of real genuine friends we made in elementary, middle, and high school.  It’s just as hard to find friends in the workplace that can match the loyalty of people we made friends with in college.  A new app is hoping to change all that.  It’s called Hey! VINA.  The app is giving working women a chance to find like-minded friends to expand their roster of girlfriends.  According to MadameNoire, the app is very similar to Tinder, but it only helps connect women with other women for the purpose of establishing friendships."
Founders of the app, Olivia June Poole and Jen Aprahamian who are best friends, say they created the app because they found it really difficult to meet new people. The app is very user friendly.  Just like other apps, you upload your picture and profile, and the app links you with other women who have similar interests to yours and compatible personalities.  The app can also match you with like-minded people by mutual friends and data they gather when you take quizzes on the app.  Poole says she has decided not to fight the evolving cell phone trends. “We can’t force people to change. We can’t force an entire culture to be like, ‘okay, everybody put down your phone. If we can help people adapt and fulfill their needs, we think that’s great.”

So are you looking for new friends... You can download the app HERE or you can follow the IG HERE.

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