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Thursday, February 18, 2016


Oh Wee Now!

{Pop Lips} So the snappin has it that; Y'all ready for this! Okay let us start back over right... The snappin has it that Keyshia Cole deleted her Instagram account because she has been Secretly dating... who? ... Drum Roll please... Chile head inside to find out.

So the word on media is that Keyshia Cole is dating non other than Bow Wow oh our bad Shad Moss.. Yes Yall,{according to the rumors} we would have never thought that these too would've hooked up... Last time we heard about KC  was boo'd up with her Hub-Boo/Son Dad Boobi Gibs  ... But we guest not. However we knew Bow and Erica Mena was done... But Chile KC and Bow..My!

Here's the deets on the secretly dating duo per GossipViv:

"I don't know how true this rumor is, or if there is any validity to this, but the word on the internet curb is that Keyshia Cole and Bow Wow are now dating!! Yes!! You heard right! Keyshia Cole and Bow Wow are "allegedly" dating. 
I, personally, cannot comprehend that the two are together, but according to the good folks over atTeaTenders.com, the two have been secretly dating for quite some time now. So....in an apparent attempt to keep things quiet and secret, Keyshia Cole has decided to delete her entire IG page!!
Not sure if the deletion has anything to do with Bow Wow, but that's the word. Go ahead and check it out for yourself (here) "

See more pics below of the two...


And look like Bow or shall we say Mr. Shad Moss has been shower KC with some gifts... Check them out below...


Mr. Shad also be taking to the Gram about his new found Love sharing the below post:



KC caught a absolute Beat Down Tho! And Congrats to couple if this is indeed true!

Do We Believe It?
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