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Thursday, January 7, 2016


Nowadays more and more young women's are dating wiser. Wiser as in Older men. And now we understand why, these younger guys don't have their life together or take to damn long to get their life together, and women such ourselves don't got time for that...  Anywho BET founder Bob Johnson who is 69 yrs old by the way is about to wife up an 36 yrs old Grad Student Lauren Wooden.. You Go Girl! Get more deets on this Sugar Daddy love inside.

Okay here's the snap on the Sugar Daddy engagement per Bossip:

"According to WaPo reports Bob Johnson is ready to enter holy matrimony-dom for the second time, this time his wife will be 33 years his junior, just a few years older than his daughter Paige.

The details of the couple’s engagement include the Paris location, the size of her ring — 7.5 carats and that it wasn’t his first proposal to Wooden; he popped the question on their first date five years ago. He says he fell in love at first sight. There are also some nice points about Wooden, who met Johnson when she was the concierge at the Four Seasons in L.A. and is now a student working toward her international business management doctorate in Paris.
The proposal followed dinner and a private after hours dinner at the Musee Rodin and besides a bottle of Dom and a gang of rose petals we’ve also been informed that the ring was held on an Eiffel Tower shaped ice sculpture. Johnson credits Cafe Milano owner Franco Nuchese with helping him pull it off:

“I told Franco, ‘I’ve got to have something memorable — a restaurant won’t do.’”

Both gushed to the WaPo about their love:
“I’ve found the absolute, unequivocally right person for me,” Johnson told the Washington Post. “Happiness only begins to describe how I feel.”

Wooden, who has also been previously married shared, “I’m over-the-moon, madly, deeply, proudly in love with Bob.”
This is great. Ironically the Washington Post also detailed the second marriage of Bob’s ex Sheila Johnson ten years ago when she wed the Arlington County Circuit Court Judge who presided over her divorce.
We wish them the best. Congrats on the engagement!

Bob Johnson is now engaged to his girlfriend Lauren Wooden

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