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Thursday, December 10, 2015


Say who, Say what?!

Thee First lady Michelle Obama done step all the way up in the rap game... YAAS! It look like thee head Lady Flotus been up in the stuido to lay downs some ryhmes  as the She done up and drop a  rap music video " Go To College" featuring comedian Jay Pharoah, and we're like Go Flotus... Go Flotus!    Go right on ahead and watch the video inside.

Obama often speaks about how she worked hard to get good grades and degrees from Princeton and Harvard

Okay here's the snap of  Flotus new rap hook per O. Mail:

"Striding out of the White House in slow motion, sporting oversized sunglasses, Michelle Obama lays down a rap track aimed at raising the star power of math majors and engineering students.
'If you wanna fly jets, you should go to college. Reach high and cash checks? Fill your head with knowledge,' Obama rhymes as comedian Jay Pharoah drops bills on to the White House floor.
Pharoah is known for his Saturday Night Live impression of her husband President Barack Obama.

The video is a funny, if slightly cringeworthy, send-up of the celebrity culture that Obama has said she wants to turn on its head to try to get more American kids thinking about higher education.

The premise of the song is that Obama and Pharoah are explaining to two undecided young people why they should attend college after graduating from high school.  
In addition to rapping in front of the White House, the video features cuts of the First Lady laying down her vocals into a microphone while holding a headset up to her ear."

Watch video below...

Pharoah is best known for his Saturday Night Live impression of her husband President Barack Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama made a rap video with comedian Jay Pharoah (left) to promote attending college 

Obama said: 'I want to

Obama and Pharoah had help on the video from viral video makers The Gregory Brothers and CollegeHumor

The song is explaining to two  young people (left and right) why they should attend college after high school

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