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Friday, October 23, 2015


When the Boss speak the camp listen. 

So we know all week that you been hearing about and seeing the beef between Wale and Meek Mills thank to the honorable social media. But now according to Boss as in Ricky Rozay he has sqashed the beef between his two labelmates.... Watch Boss put an end to the beef inside.

Okay here’s the snap on the Meek –vs- Wale Beef report TMZ:

“Well, that was quick ... Rick Ross says the war between Meek Mill and Wale is OVER -- and they're gonna prove it by coming together on a new album.

In a video statement to TMZ, Ross says he's "happy" to address the beef between the two rappers signed to his MMG label -- which blew up after Wale went on "The Breakfast Club" and said Meek "brought a pencil to a gunfight" during his battle with Drake.

"Young Meek Mill, Young Wale .. family good, ya dig?! Ya'll know how I do it."
Ross says he'll show the world that the hatchet is buried when he drops "Self Made Vol. 4" -- a collaborative album featuring the entire MMG roster.
No word on when it's gonna drop -- but at this point, the sooner the better ... and we can't wait to hear what they're gonna say.

Scroll below to watch Rick speak on ending the beef...

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