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Friday, September 11, 2015


T.I is spittin on us! {You know as in rapping}

Yes y’all TIP {In my Tameka Tiny Harris Voice}  done up and drop an surprise new 5 track EP titled “Da Nic” featuring  Young Thug & Young Dro on us. And you can listen to the snappin new music right now on the, inside. Check it out.

Okay here's the snap on the TI new ish per RapUp:

"For the past week, T.I. has been teasing an unknown project with the hashtag #911. Now the Hustle Gang commander unleashes his big surprise in the form of a brand new EP called Da’ Nic, a slang term for nickel bag.

The five-track project, which marks his first independent release, features the previously-released “Project Steps” and “Check, Run It,” along with “Peanut Butter Jelly” featuring Young Thug and Young Dro, plus production from Jazz Feezy, ShonuFF, League of Starz, London On Da Track, and Mars.
The EP serves as the precursor to his forthcoming 10-track album The Dime Trap. As part of his return to making trap muzik, T.I. has also resurrected his old nickname Tip.

Da’ Nic is now available for purchase on iTunes. You can also stream all five tracks below"
1. “Broadcast Live”
2. “Ain’t Gonna See It”
3. “Check, Run It”
4. “Peanut Butter Jelly” feat. Young Thug & Young Dro
5. “Project Steps”

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