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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Video footage of Sandra Bland's arrest has surface of the July 10 incident showing Bland and Texas State Trooper Brian T. Encinia engage in an argument that escalates until Bland is forcefully arrested and charged on suspicion of assaulting a public servant.  After being jailed Sandra was found dead three days later in a Texas jail cell on the morning of July 13. Watch video inside.

Okay here the snap per O. Mail:

"Footage has emerged of police allegedly slamming the head of a woman to the ground as she was arrested just days before she committed suicide in jail.
What happened to Sandra Bland in cell 95? Debate continues with video releaseSandra Bland, a Chicago civil rights activist, was found dead in her cell at Waller County Jail in Texas.
She had been booked three days earlier on grounds of assaulting a public servant after the fraught arrest by the side of a highway, during which she angrily accused officers of harming her.

An autopsy performed a day later classified her death as suicide by hanging - though friends and family have said there is no way Bland would have killed herself.
Bland was part of the ‪#‎BlackLiveMatter movement and posted videos about civil rights and racism on social media."

Video shows bland in the confrontation with police and accusing them of slamming her head onto the ground

A video has emerged showing the moment Ms Bland was arrested by police, who pinned her to the ground

Press play here to watch the traffic stop footages:

Why are you arresting me?" Because you know your rights. Because I can. Because no one'll believe you.

Now the Jail Footage:

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