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Thursday, June 25, 2015


So now Folks do not play when it come to their kids… Cause honey over here we Divas is not having it either. Now the snappin has that P. Diddy attack on his son assistant coach Sal Alosi was the cause of the coach years of bullying that man child so said new report. Again we will tell Folks stop messing with people kids, especially bullying…. Chile!!! Any who get the deets inside.

Grateful: Justin thanked his famous father via Instagram for 'always being there' for him after the incident

Okay here's the deets per TMZ:

"The confrontation that led to Diddy's arrest was years in the making, because coach Sal Alosi went on a campaign to emotionally tear down Justin Combs ... this according to sources with inside knowledge.
Our sources claim strength and conditioning coach Alosi engaged in psychological warfare against Justin for the past 3 years. Our sources say Alosi was verbally abusive to the extreme -- publicly humiliating Diddy's son on numerous occasions.
The sources say it was evident to anyone who watched ... Alosi was bullying Justin, and psychologically damaged him.
We're told Diddy was well aware of the "bullying" and when Justin came home Monday, he said he was told to leave the field and not return for the summer. Diddy decided it was time to have a talk with the coach -- and we know how that ended.
We've reached out to UCLA Athletic Dept. for comment ... so far, no word back."

See big of the allegede big bad bullying below you met her bad boy daddy match...

Back at work: Alosi, the UCLA football program's strength and conditioning coach, was seen on the field Tuesday getting on with his duties

Media storm: The altercation between Sean 'Diddy' Combs, left, and UCLA football coach Sal Alosi, right, that led to the rap mogul's arrest on Monday created some unwelcome publicity for the college football program

However... thee  football coaches at UCLA {Head coach shown in below pic}  want the felony charges against  'Diddy'  dropped also according to O.Mail via TMZ:

"TMZ, quoting 'sources directly connected' with the football program, claimed the athletics staff think a court case would be bad for the college team. It was added head coach Jim Mora doesn't want a criminal prosecution to go ahead.
Instead, the staff would like the 45-year-old Bad Boy For Life singer banned from the field. "

Drop it: UCLA head football coach Jim Mora is reported to want the charges against Diddy dropped

There we have it Folks.

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