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Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Chile-Boo the world is turning over like for real, real… Babe Frank Ocean who came out publicly as Gay is now engaged to a WOMAN, and got a baby on the way! Blank Stare… Yes you read that right, we over here confuse like hell, and we know you are too… We can say no more about it, only but see the news for yourself inside.

Okay here’s the snap per Bossip:

Twitter is currently ablaze right now with rumors that Frank Ocean is not only engaged—-but is preparing to marry a WOMAN who’s pregnant with his child.

The below photo is currently circulating of a bearded Frank Ocean holding hands with a beautiful heavily pregnant woman…

Unfortunately for fans dumbstruck by the news however———-that is NOT Frank Ocean… {In above pics}

Ha! Whom ever put the pic out... Y'all Got em!! 

See the real Frank Ocean pics below...

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