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Monday, May 11, 2015

'What Will You Do When The Beyhives Come For You": RITA ORA CATCH FAD FROM THE BEYHIVE FOR SEDUCTIVELY HUGGING JAY Z...{Photos/Details}

Do not! We repeat do not come for Bey and Jay…

Or at least don’t come for Beyoncé in any kind of way, shape or form that BeyHive fan base of hers will come buzzing for you… YAAS Ma’am, YAAS Gawd they will. Honey so a pic surface online of Roc Nation artist Rita Ora getting a little too close to Jay Z  for the BeyHive that led the honeybees mob to set it off on Rita Ora via twitter… Catch it inside.

Quietly whispering... {{What do you do when the Beyhive come for you}}... Ha!  So the above pic snap on the net of Rita hugged up on Jay and the Beyhives went to snappin on her... Check per  Rhymes With Snitch:

After a picture of Rita Ora hugging Jay Z sudectively from the back at a Met Gala after party turned up Instagram The BeyHive turned Rita’s instagram comments into a war zone.

See the snappin below...

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