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Sunday, May 3, 2015


So Bae T.I. aka Troubleman aka Hustleman took to Instagram  to show love and send his "congrats" to "Cuzz Floyd  Mayweather  on his big win tonight, and where like salute to Mr. Harris for letting it be known he's #NeverBeenAHater.... *Snaps*... Peep it inside.

Snappin news: Being the bigger Man that he are T.I. shared the above pic on Instagram  to send his congrats to boxing champion Floyd Mayweather to squash the Beef between the Fam Hustle  and the Money Team sayings:

Congrats to Cuzz on another W... Preparation+Opportunity = Victory However u slice it... #NeverBeenAHater   

T.I. also  jetted  out to  Las Vegas  to watch the fight  as he shared the above  pic  with  caption:

Here we come.... Finna see what dis fight bout!!!! 

In case you missed, last year around this time The rapper and the boxer had there on little  outside of  the ring snap down When T.I, wifey Tiny  snapped it up in a pic with Mayweather which didn't sit  to well with hub-boo T.I since he and Tony was allegedly  separated at the time.  But now it look like all is well for everyone.

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