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Sunday, April 26, 2015


ATL R&B songstress Monica is gearing up for her seventh album 'Code Red' and we shared recently a post of the Diva debuting a short fiery bold red hairdo to snap on her album covers. {ClickHere In Case You Missed that}

Now MB has drop a new single "Do Me Like That" featuring none other than Yo Gotti & Jeezy... Listen to the hook inside.

"Miss Thang" snap about her new bold cut & new track.

About thee hairdo she told PEOPLE:

"The cut symbolizes me getting back to the fearlessness and courageous part of myself that I shared with the world in the ’90s when I released my first album Miss Thang,

“It’s easy to over-think things and not trust your natural instincts. I let go and let the music be created in my truth.” 

Now snappin about the track Mo saids:

So first I played it cool, then I did a little homework on you / And when I found out, I nearly passed out / Got a wife and kids and they still live with you / Ni**a, parlez-vous,” she sings over the tinkering beat..

Sing it Mo...! Listen to the hook below...

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