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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Go head, red head Diva!

Monica Brown styled a cute-ish red pixie haircut  to reveal her cover for her new album 'Code Red'. Get more deets on the album and check out the new hairstyle inside.

Monica Brown is on thee move with her eighth studio albums 'Code Red' as she revealed the new disc cover rocking a new red pixie haircut. The songstress dishes on the album  art in  PEOPLE Magazine . But honey about Mo hair-do, she better *Diva Snap* . Also Mo photo credit was snapped by famed-photographer Derek Blanks. However Mo talked about her new hair color and what it's personally mean to her:

"The cut symbolizes me getting back to the fearlessness and courageous part of myself that I shared with the world in the ’90s when I released my first album Miss Thang. It’s easy to over-think things and not trust your natural instincts. I let go and let the music be created in my truth.”
Mrs. Brown also let it be known there  more pics in the work, and hints at what Fans can expect on the follow-up to her 2012 album New Life.

“I love that the cover speaks to how I feel as a woman, artist, mother and wife. I feel strong, encouraged and grateful. I also love that it’s fashion forward.”

As you can see Mo wore a bright yellow Versace jacket, Hervé Léger bathing suit and Guiseppe Zanotti caged heels.  Looking fierce and darling. Mo joked about her look:

“I embrace and appreciate my sophisticated moments."

And as of yet no detail on the release date.

Bold Hair Diva look, Right
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jrbail said...

She looks great. She's Legendary, a young Legend

jrbail said...

She looks great. She's Legendary, a young Legend

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