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Saturday, March 7, 2015


The cute-ish blue and black {not gold & white} dress that had the Internet snappin about a week ago is one of the trendy evening dress of the now... So we're hearing. We are feeling the lace dress too, and thought you would too... Get deets & Steal the dress inside.

Okay here the snap on how to get the infamous dress:

The Lace Bodycon dress come in multiple colors and is going for a hot price of $70 from the British clothing retailer Roman Originals, who sells the dress. 

See the dress without the blazer {that is being picture around social media}... Come on now let's be forreal the blazer doesn't
do the dress no justice. 

Pics below...

The dress does come in a white and gold color:

The company who sales the dress is auctioning the gold and white  dress on EBay as we speak...

"A spokesperson from the brand told the O. Mail: "#TheDress that broke the internet could become one the world's most wanted dresses as an exclusive white and gold version goes on auction on ebay.
"The winning bidder can grab a piece of internet history as only one exclusive dress in white and gold has been made and will go up for auction." 

 #Thedress also come in a red, tan color...

The woman responsible for the viral debate of the color of the dress was Celia Bleasdale. She's took the photo of the dress, and now she has broken her silence with an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' TV show along with her daughter Grace. 

Now if you want to steal the look we put together in the first pic above with the dress... Check  the looks below:

14K  Gold Bracelets  from Amazon  

Metal gold  and black  clutch by River Vivier

J.Crew Derby Gold  Clutch by JCrew {Sold Out}

Metal High-Heeled Pointed Toe from Bella Koutura  

RSVP - Black and Blue heels from Heels {sold out}

Gold and blue gemstone  earrings  from EBay  

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