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Friday, March 20, 2015


Ah man the she Diva and "The Real" hostess Tamar Braxton was reportedly rushed to the hospital on Thursday afternoon days later after her 38th born-day. And Source is saying the Singer/Reality TV Star suffer from anxiety and shortness of breath. {Ah ma'am I know how that feel}. Get the deets on Tamar condition inside.

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Okay here’s the snap report YBF via RumorFix:

Reality tv star, singer and talk show host Tamar Braxton was rushed to the hospital Thursday afternoon complaining of anxiety and shortness of breath.  The sudden health challenge comes on the heels of her 38th birthday (which she celebrated, above, with her co-hosts a few nights ago) and a shocking rumor.

An unconfirmed, questionably credible gossip item hints at she and hubby Vincent Herbert are having tax trouble. How big are the troubles? Allegedly $1.6 million dollars worth of trouble. But again, it's yet to be confirmed.

According to RumorFix, Tamar was taken to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, a few blocks away from the Warner Brothers lot she tapes her hit show (which was renewed for Season 2) and her status is currently unknown. Neither she nor any of her siblings have mentioned the hospital visit on social media so we can only hope that she's ok.

Now....back to the money woes. Gossips are saying the Herberts are behind in their bills and could even loose their Calabasas mansion. We don't know how these "sources" know what's popping off in the Herbert's portfolios and bank accounts...but that's what the streets are saying.

We're not ready to believe the hype just yet, Tamar and Vince are executive producers on three hit shows and her album and concert sales are on point. So......

We'll keep you posted on what we hear. Get well soon Tamar!.

ummm no comment on all that info. Get Well Soon Ta-Ta!

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