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Friday, March 6, 2015


Mr. and Mrs. West are sure in need of attention from one another and the media as well... Just check them out all boo’d and loved-up for the public showing their affection and ish… Ha, Honey-Chile-Boo!  They got it going on We guessing that Jeezus is really feeling wifey Kimmy-pooh blonde locks. Head inside to see North West parent loving in public.

What a display! Kanye West couldn't help himself as he grabbed his wife Kim Kardashian from behind while out in Paris on Friday morning

Kanye and Kim West headed out on Friday morning in Paris, when they was snapped all hugged up and Kimmy-pooh was loving every bit of the attention she was getting from her hubby-boo as she blush her pour heart out, as he  grab her from behind and one time by her bootay that  cause her to fall about blushing. However wait for this… {Are you waiting}? Kim-pooh revealed that she and the Rapper have sex '500 times a day' working toward baby No. 2 {Two}… Hot Damn!

 Scroll below to see the two loved up below

Behave! It's clear Kim and Kanye are incredibly engrossed in each other, as Kanye grabbed her backside when walking back into their hotel

Intimate: Kim appeared pleased at the attention she was receiving from her man 

Don't let go: The rapper failed to untie his hands from around the reality TV star's curvy hips

And lunge! The good-humoured couple stepped in tandem as they took large strides together

Coming through! Kim and Kanye returned to their hotel after heading out for the morning, joined at the hip

The look of love: Kanye couldn't stop smiling as he followed his wife closely into their hotel

Kisses! The rapper appeared to be trying to give the back of Kim's neck a smooch

Not-so high fashion: Kim emerged from her hotel in Paris on Friday morning with husband Kanye, looking far less glamorous than she had the day before

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