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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Zendaya Coleman is the new face of Proactive X-Out, and while on active duty at her photo-shoot for the facial product. Z was snapped in a pic rocking a trendy Jewel Embellished Beanie {we just love all things that bling*} and not hot red lips but trendy hot pink cream lipstick… Cute-ish! Get the Fashion Snappin trendy beanie and lipstick inside.

 The dancing actress  Zendaya snap it up behind the scenes at her photo shoot for Proactive X-Out rocking a cute-ish trendy Halogen Jewel Embellished Beanie $22.78, that only available in  gray  from Nordstrom…  In the pic Z also got Kisses lips as she wearing Senna Cosmetics Cream Lipstick $20.00  in “Dare” brilliant violet pink.

See more pics of  the fashion snappin Beanie and lipstick below…

The cute-ish beanie also comes in a headband... see below
Halogen® Jewel Embellished Head Wrap | Nordstrom

Senna Cosmetics Cream Lipstick $20.00  in “Dare” brilliant violet pink.

That is a pretty outfit! But that looks grown with the earings and lipstick.

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