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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


The snappin shows some nice pics of  Diva Bey and hubby-boo Jay having a heated argument while out on a date night. But  for real, for  real does the pics really show the couple snappin at each others or is reports making noise  just because  it's Bey & Hov. See for yourself  inside.

Okay here's the snap report the YBF: 

"In pictures you can view HERE (we can't post them ourselves), while waiting on their food, Bey was involved in a discussion with her husband, with a finger in Hov's direction. Meanwhile, Jay was sitting calmly looking unbothered as he went through his cell phone.
Now, divorce rumors have sparked, yet again. Yep, just based off a couple images.  Sighs…
Since there is NO audio of what was said, the pictures could mean so many different things. Was she mad about something else and simply venting her to husband (since that's what couples and friends do)?  Is it possible she wasn't even mad at all and simply impersonating someone? Was she joking? Was she simply getting something out of her teeth?  It’s hard to tell, based on these flicks that really don't show a thing. A video with audio would have been much better.
Even if an argument was taking place, it doesn't necessarily mean there is trouble in paradise.  Last we checked, all couples argue or come to some type of disagreement, so why would they be any different? If they were, in fact, having an argument (which all couples go through), that doesn’t automatically equal divorce."

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