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Monday, February 16, 2015


We have to do better PPL!

So we know Saturday was Valentine time day and love was in the air... Well apparently for these two... Too much in the air!  Two strangers, who had reportedly  just met the very same day, and  who did not know each other's names', were spotted getting it on outside of Christina's Dress Shop in Chula Vista around 3.30pm on Friday, with no shame or care in the world. Jeezus take the wheel. Did y’all see this, if not watch the footage inside.

Scene: The strangers, who had met on the San Diego Trolley and did not know each others' names, were spotted writhing around outside Christina's Dress Shop (pictured) in Chula Vista at around 3.30pm on Friday

Okay here’s the snap on this foolery per Online Mail:

“A man and a woman who had 'known each other just minutes' left dozens of shoppers in California horrified after they stripped off and had sex in front of a crowded prom dress store in broad daylight.

The strangers, who had reportedly met on the trolley and 'did not know each other's names', were spotted writhing around outside Christina's Dress Shop in Chula Vista at around 3.30pm on Friday.

For the first 15 minutes, they cuddled and kissed while fully dressed, witnesses said. Then, the man stripped off his clothes and began 'getting sexual' with the woman, who was still wearing a skirt.
Shop owner, Christy Peterson, who captured the amorous encounter on video through the window, said the sight had shocked shoppers inside and outside of the store, including a woman with a baby.”

'They were rolling on the ground, making out and getting sexual,' said Ms Peterson, adding that she had later heard police refer to the woman as being 37, while the man was 'not even 21 years old'.

Ms Peterson said the woman kept her skirt on as the cuddling escalated to sex. 'Her legs were in the air and the guy was on top. We were so shocked our mouths were just opened,' she told 10 News’.

Press play to watch below:

The man, 20, and the woman, 37, were ticketed for committing a lewd act in public, the lieutenant said. The man was then arrested on suspicion of violating his probation. Police later told them the couple had just met and were drunk.

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