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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Now we know you want to KNOW who is #TheKenyaMoore is going at it with now... Hunty is already on the RHOA  acting messy and now she up on reality show or shall we say big time top dollar 'celebrities Apprentice' showing  her true colors again. Anywho, on last night's episode  of "Celebrity Apprentice" things got rather physical as in snap down between Kenya Moore and cast mate Brandi Glanville for charity cause of course.  

Click below to watch the Kenya and Brandi snap  down inside.

Okay here's the snap per YBF:

"During last night's 2-hour episode of "Celebrity Apprentice", former Miss USA and "RHOA" star Kenya Moore won her first challenge as project manager.  But the evening was not without a few bumbs in the road.  And by bumps, we mean Brandi Glanville.
The pair filmed an edgy catfight scene (with pillows!) that mocked their issues with each other in a viral video campaign for coffee firm ‘Chock full o’Nuts.’  But when the team met in the boardroom, things got nasty. Donald Trump praised Kenya for working alongside Brandi, but Kenya took the reigns and accused Brandi of making personal attacks.
‘I did not bring up LeAnn Rimes with her when I had my scene, I did not bring up the fact that her husband left her for a younger and prettier woman so she should not be doing that. She should be leaving my personal life alone and it is obviously something that she does not know anything about. She should not be talking about that, that is unprofessional.'
And with that....a hush fell over the room. Even Vivica A. Fox was shocked!
Watch Kenya's verbal smackdown here:
And with that....a hush fell over the room. Even Vivica A. Fox was shocked!"
Watch Kenya's verbal smackdown here:
Reportedly, Brandi previously made some low blows about Kenya getting beat up on the "RHOA" reunion.

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