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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


And For Her Next Trick...Foxy Brown Sends Nelly A DM After Ashanti Shade (Instagram)

So Ms. Foxy Brown is trying to make a comeback by snappin at Ashanti for posting pictures on Instagram alongside her former fiancé, Spragga Benz, and it doesn’t look like her fearless Instagram activity would stop there.  Also note that Fox also recently called Ashanti a “thirsty d***rider,” and the Foxy Chick has now moved on to ironically hit on Nelly to get back at the Singers.  See the snappin on Ig inside.


Okat here the snappin on instagram reported by Vlad :
"Nelly recently uploaded a few photos of himself handing out diplomas to students who earned their degrees at his Ex’treme Institute (EI), and underneath in the comments section, Foxy left a very direct and not-so-discrete message to him. She advised the St. Louis rapper to hit her up in her DMs, and added two Emoji images of juicy red lips, insinuating that she was interested in pursuing something more intimate with the rapper.
Foxy quickly deleted the post, but a screen shot was captured showing her brief attempt to slide into Nelly’s DMs. As everyone knows, Ashanti and Nelly were intimate with one another for a very long time, so it is pretty coincidental that she would post that flirtatious message on his profile shortly after Ashanti posed next to her former love."

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