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Thursday, January 8, 2015


So while Foxy Brown continues her rant of shade to Ashanti to make herself relevant is what most is saying.  It look like the R&B singer Ashanti and even stunting the Foxy Chick as she Ashanti posted pics on Instagram chillaxing and as she spent New Year’s Eve in Jamaica with Foxy’s ex Spragga Benz, and now living it up in Turk & Caicos.  Unfortunately it was wasted shade and snappin on Foxy’s part because Ashanti could not care less… See pics of Ashanti on vacay and ignoring the shade inside.

Okay here's the snap Reports Rhymes with Snitch:

"A fan put it all into perspective by posting a cheeky response to Foxy’s diss that would have gone unnoticed if not for Ashanti’s passive aggressive reply. While others are features) simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100. And she’s super excited about it."

Check out the tweets below...

Catch the Diva doing her thang on vacy...

So..... Yall already know.... #IloveMeSomeSpragga Jamaica bout to be lit #SpraggaBenz #Respec #EverytingCool #EverytingCriss #Bigup #Bless #NewYearsEveInJamaica

Pretty much sums it up.... #NewYearsEveInJamaica #Kingston @michaelcostello @mtcostello #Dress @jimmychoo #Shoes @rosieb5 shot by my new Jamaican photographer homie lol @lookyah 

Sometimes ya gotta take a moment to be grateful.... @kevajswimwear #turks&caicos2015 photo cred @bricedvick

Feeling like Pebbles... With Bam Bam on deck  @kevajswimwear #turks&caicos2015

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