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Friday, January 2, 2015


Fun in the sun! Queen Latifah held hands with a male friend as she hit the beach in Miami on Thursday, New Year’s Day

Looked like the Queen was unwinding for the New Years after her day time talk show got the X-papers during its second season. So as you will see with no worries the 44-year-old star is happliy snappin off the next phase of her life  by hitting up the beach here in Miami on Thursday {New Year’s Day} holding hand with a friend-guy-boo {pop mouth}. Check out more pics of the Duo on the inside.

The Chicago Queen star was snapped on the sandy beach all smiles holding hands with her male friend-boo as they as they scroll to take a dip in the water. While the Queen showed off her freestyle moves as she swim hunni hrough in the water  ocean.

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Splish splash! The 44-year-old star and her male pal held hands as they splashed through the water 

Bubbly: The Chicago star lounged on chair with a couple gal pals by her side, as she sipped champagne

Casual chic: She covered up in a long black tank top under which she wore a blue swimsuit, completing the look with dark shades, large hoop earrings, and a silver watch

Queen also snappedlounging on chair with a couple girl- friends- pals-boo  by her side, as she sipped champagne.

Graceful: She showed off her freestyle moves as she swam through the ocean

And now she swam!!! 

Make-up free: Latifah didn’t bother with any make-up, removing her sunglasses at one point to show off her natural beauty

Floating around: The singer relaxed in the water with a female friend

Big clap: Latifah gave a clap of approval in the water

Holding hands: Latifah and her pals held hands as they ran out of the water

Good times: Latifah beamed while spending time on the beach

Family planning: Latifah recently told Closer Weekly that she would like to become a mother

When one door closes... Meanwhile, it was revealed in November that The Queen Latifah Show has been cancelled after two seasons

Kicking back: Latifah relaxed on a beach chair

Ice bucket: An ice bucket kept the champagne chilled on the beach

Look Like Fun in the Sun, Right!
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