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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


We do not want to believe the hype that we’re hearing our Bestie Toya Wright and her hubby-boo MempHitz is a heading to splitville. But the way social media or shall we say MempHitz social sites are snappin, and the way diva Instagram is looking we don’t know…  Catch the deets on the couple inside.

 photo toymem.png

Okay here’s the snap report Gigionthat:

"Is it TROUBLE in PARADISE?? Have you been keeping up with Toya Wright on Instagram, well I have! Things seem to be fine in her marriage with husband/producer MempHitz. But if you take a look at HIS most recent social media posts, you’d start to think otherwise.
MempHitz has posted a few questionable posts on Instagram over the last couple months, which led some to believe something might be going on in the Wright household. In a series of IG posts, he talks about the hardships of being in a “public marriage”, how he might possibly be suffering a love lost and how it’s just him against the world. He says he can only rely on himself.

Well, many wondered what Toya Wright thought about her Husband’s antics. Many of our readers began to worry about their marriage as well. I mean she barely wore her ring and he seemed to be losing it.
Today, MempHitz confirmed that there are some issues in their marriage on social media:

"all I’ma say is
this public marriage thing ain’t for every1. sh*t is hard. but when love let u down u let love go. who do I trust? who do I depend on? ME! Thas Who! just be happy.
happy f**** new year ™@billiondollarboybizz”

Posted today:
 photo meph1.png

 photo memph2.png

 photo memoh3.png

Maybe this pic is what spark the split... 

Or maybe he is Hubby-boo is he still lashing out at K.Michelle (he recently created an entire social media account and campaign to ridicule her by the way).  Or perhaps his page is being hacked… Sheesh! We just hoping this is a bunch of bull…! 

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