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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


 photo kmicheetatyana_zps82c53aed.jpg

WTS! When we saw K. Michelle nude album cover we was like ooh nice & cute-ish!.. But Damn we thought this was her very own creative idea, and now we have learn that K. Michelle booty-ful artwork for her album cover was stolen  from a Model name  Lady Tatyana who is snappin on K about stealing her flick idea... Get deets inside.

Okay here's the snap per The YBF:
"Uh oh!  Not everybody is feeling K. Michelle's booty-ful new pictures from her Anybody Wanna By A Heart album booklet.  She revealed a new pic today that has the internets in a tizzy...but there's a model who's screaming THIEF!  Find out why inside....

While K.Michelle s out about about doing promo for her brand new AWBAH album today, a model named Lady Tatyanais going IN on her about stealing her photoshoot idea.  Nope, K.Michelle wasn't the only person in the world with the idea to stick roses in her ass and call it art.

Once K showed off pics from her album booklet this AM, a model named Lady Tatyana started going in and accusing K. of stealing her and her photographer's ideas!  And yes, she gave picture proof and is searching for legal ground to do something about the alleged idea theft:

 photo IMG_4916_zpsa124da75.png photo IMG_4917_zps0fb4b317.png

And after @'ing K. a few times, K. blocked her minutes later:
 photo IMG_4918_zpse48db628.png

We have a feeling we haven't heard the last of Lady Tatyana.  But what are your thoughts?  Is it possible K. simply saw the image floating around her Instagram feed with no knowledge as to who the originator was?  Should she have sought harder to find out?

We reached out to K. Michelle's label for comment.


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