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Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Selfish Type.. How many of us really have them?!?

I am the kind of personal that sit back watch and oberserve people body language, action and things right? So as I have been observing my own surrounding of Folks that suppose to be in my corner, and click... I have realize that I am around a bunch of selfish suckers.

I think I'm just to nice and people like to take my kindness for weakness but it's okay tho... Believe that *Diva Snap* ! However, I know there other Divas and Snappers out there who may have the same click, or this particular person around them as well. So to help you and me both out... Take a look at  6 signs I provided to snap out that you're among  'selfish types", inside.

Check out the below 6 ways we have stumble upon to snap out a  selfish friend, person, or type {in my word is what I call them} in your life, surrounding or click...before you get hurt:

Sign #1 – he Type of  PPL That Think They Deserve To Have It Their Way:
The selfish friend person or type {in my word is what I call them}, the one you don’t wanna get involved with, thinks he/she is special, and will ask for favors, big and small, even if you’re just starting to get to know them.

Sign #2 – For He or She, You’re A Detail:

You ask he/she for a favor, and him or her brush it off and never follow through with it. He or she can give you an evasive answer like “ok, I’ll call you later about this”, but it never happens. Sometimes, they just act like you never asked for anything.

Sign #3 – Shady Plans

The selfish friend person or type cancel a meeting, outing or plan arranagement, etc with you at the last minute, giving you fake excuses. But usually calls you when he/she is bored and has no other plans.

Sign #5 – You’re a Naggaer or Boring:

He/she, sure looks like their listening, {or is on FB, or texting}  but in reality, they just waiting for you to shut up,  so he can take control of the conversation, again. For example, you talking and they say stuff like "mmm", "shake their heads", or  say "I  know", or just downplays anything you say, then you’re dealing with a selfish sucker.

Sign #6 – He/She Covers Their “Black Hole” Personality

The selfish friend person or type don't acts like theirselves right away. Instead starts off by acting like a very polite cordial person. But once they get to know you, they gradually starts to withdraw, and only shows up, call you, want to be around you when they needs something from you or your help with a idea for theirselves. 
This selfish friend person or type usually brings lots of conversation to the table, and always has something to say. He/she does that to imply an open minded, interesting, and interested personality, but you can sense that he’s not really interested in any of those subjects; he just uses them as a cover for an empty take-everything-I-can personality. It’s like a black hole—you can’t expect to get love from a person who can only take.

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