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Monday, December 8, 2014


So we know y'all are like, where the heck the snappin Diva's been.. Welll Chile the we been having some computer issue... That we are currently working out.... Yep!!

Any who now about this 305 snappin ton Diddy laying hands on Drake, we hearing that it's all another Hoax or false tell... What do y'all think... We don't know but we do have have the deets of it on the inside.

Okay here's the snap per blacksportsonline:

"Early this morning, there were rumors flying that Diddy and Drake got into a fight at LIV nightclub in Miami, which ended in Drake being hospitalized with a dislocated shoulder. This would certainly get the people going if it were actually true, but sadly for your entertainment purposes it is far from anything closely resembling the truth.
The real story is that Miami DJ Sam Sneaker and comedian Lil Duval wanted to see how far people would run with something if they played a trick on them. The evidence is all over their Twitter accounts. Here is what Sam posted on Twitter."
Diddy Drake Fight
Diddy Drake Fight1
It all sounds plausible. Sam Sneaker is Rick Ross’ DJ, so why wouldn’t the people assume he would have firsthand information? Well, always check the mentions and replies. Sam Sneaker and Lil Duval proceed to have a Twitter exchange where they’re basically laughing at everyone for believing the story.
Diddy Drake Fight2
Diddy Drake Fight3
Diddy Drake Fight4
So, there it is folks. Diddy did not beat Drake to the point where he needed to be hospitalize

HA! Smh!

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