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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Lawd what the what is snappin now... Well it look like some cray, cray is trying to get paid off of Usher and his ex-wifey Tameka Raymond stolen flick tape which was took when the R&B singer’s car was actually broken into, with the thieves stealing a laptop that contained the footage of “Usher” and his Ex.. Get the deets and see Tameka snappin about it on the inside.

Okay here's the snap per madamenoire:

"In sex tape news, Usher Raymond and Tameka Raymond are supposedly the stars of a home video being shopped around.
According to TMZ, the tape fell into the wrong hands after someone broke into Usher’s vehicle in Atlanta back in 2010. The thief got away with approximately $1 million in jewelry, two laptops and two video cameras. One of the cameras reportedly contained sexually explicit footage of intimate moments shared between Usher and his now ex-wife, Tameka Raymond.
Someone attempted to sell the tape to adult film companies, but no one wanted the headache, as it’s unlikely that Usher and Tameka would sign off on the video’s release. The tape has since resurfaced and since the seller hasn’t had much luck with porn companies, he’s hoping that a blog will purchase the tape from him.

“It’s sad where the world has come to today. I know I have never made a sex tape, especially not for distribution. You get married so you can do whatever it is you want. My ex-husband and I definitely made our children the old-fashioned way; they are not products of the immaculate conception. That was my husband. We had a lot of fun. He was my husband in a proper sense. No wifey fake sh*t. I think the world has gotten really desperate to be so invasive in peoples lives. There should be some limitations and hopefully laws baring people from doing this stuff.”

While Usher’s attorney may be working overtime to halt this alleged release, Tameka says no one has contacted her so she’s not sure how valid this entire sex tape claim is.
“I don’t know if they’re trying to extort money or what because because no one has ever approached me about it,” she said. “People are so thirsty. They are thirst trappers; the thirst is so real. Sex is so important to everyone. Why do you want to watch a married couple?”

Great question.

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