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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

GET DIVA LOOK: BEYONCE " “99 Problems But My A$$ Aint One” SHIRT DRESS... SOLD OUT IN THREE, TWO, ONE... {Details/Photos}

Three, Two, One, sold out!
This past weekend Diva Bey shared a pic on her Tumblr snappin in a “99 Problems but My A$$ Ain’t One” shirt dress that Bey somehow turn it into a bodysuit to be picture in... Check out this Flawless singing Diva inside, plus get the look.

Bey rock her #Asset and hips in her hubby-boo Jay-Z song lyric The ’99 Problems But My A$$ ‘Ain’t One’ shirt dress that features a high scoop neck and a very soft hand, which is super sexy, cute-ish and Divaish to the point! *Diva Snap*... Pop Those Fingers!

You can get the look shirt dress from  Laundry Room Jay Z for a good $128.... *sigh*

See pic of Bey in the look below....

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