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Friday, October 17, 2014


It's look like there a new beef snappin among the RHOA Divas Claudia Jordan and Phaedra Parks. Mrs. soon to be Ms. Phaedra Parks made a shady comment about the newbie wifey Claudia Jordan when she visits the Ellen DeGeneres... Which  made Claudia snap back at Phaedra tweeting a link to Angela Stanton’s book ‘Lies of Real Housewife' Ha! Catch the beef on the inside.

Okay here's the snap reports Rhymes With Snitch:

"Yesterday Phaedra Parks appeared on The Ellen Degeneres show to clear the air about what she knew and didn’t know regarding her estranged husband Apollo Nida’s criminal activity.
After that segment Ellen and Phaedra played a game where Ellen asks Phaedra to say the first thing that comes to mind when she saw pictures of each of the housewives.
The game went like this:
Nene = genuine
Kenya = Satan
Claudia = Kenya Jr.
Kandi = My buddy
Cynthia = lapdog
Demetria = Day Old Communion Bread. Boring as paint drying on a wall.
Porsha = Survivor
That’s when Cynthia, Demetria and Claudia fired back at Phaedra on social media.
Cynthia and Demetira kept it cute an only alluded to Phaedra by referencing their co-star’s alleged affair with an African man named Chocolate but Claudia went for the jugular Tweeting a link to Angela Stanton’s infamous memoir where she allegedly exposes Phaedra’s former life of crime."

Press play to watch Phaedra on the Ellen show below:

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