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Saturday, October 11, 2014


Okay so as we checking out our instagram timeline we came across Creative nails BH sharing a pics of her fabulous hand painted breast cancer awareness nail art showing support for October being breast cancer awareness month, and we was like wow  they nailed!  See more of the think pink for breast cancer nails design inside.

The above nail design is one of  our fave nail art by License nail Stylist Whitley Wallace who is located in Detroit  while we are in Miami... Damn it man! {Sad face .... Lol} Anywho Ms. Wallace sure is talented and have some blessed hands who sure do deserve....
*Diva Snaps*....POP THOSE FINGERS!

Scroll below to see more pics of the "Faith.Love.Live.Hope" Breast Cancer Awareness nails art...

Just snappin awesome!!!  Like Creative nails BH just her out on instagram {Click here}

Also *Diva Snap*  to the Nail  Lounge Miramar down here in Miami for support Breast cancer awareness too... See their think pink nails below:

Cute-ish Right,
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