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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


The LAHH-ATL star couple Stevie J and his allegedly preggo wifey Joseline Hernandez stepped out Tuesday night in ATL at Singer Johnny Gills live listen partying where Stevie and Johnny was snapped showing Joseline baby belly some love... Plus get the snappin on legend singer Stevie Wonder having triplets inside.

So according to Stevie J in a recent radio interview... {Click Here in case you missed that}Supposedly Joseline is preggo again... And  the the couple got folks hype about it... Well from the look of Joseline mid-section it's does not look like she expecting, other than Stevie and Johnny holding her belly.  "The rub you the right way" singer Johnny Gill may have been the main attraction, but it look as if all eyes was on the couples.

Scroll below to see more pics....

 photo redj13.jpg

 photo ALFO7177_zps732268fb.jpg

 photo redj12.jpg

 photo redj8.jpg

 photo redj10.jpg

 photo redj5.jpg
 photo redj6.jpg
 photo redj4.jpg

 photo redj3.jpg

 photo redj2.jpg

 photo redj9.jpg  

Johnny hit the stage to perform his classic song and new hit from  his new cd Game Changer.

Okay here's the snap on Stevie Wonder having Triplets.... report YBF:

"Music icon Stevie Wonder is going to be a father again!  A new report in the National Enquirer reveals that Stevie and his fiancée Tomeeka Robyn Bracy, (who's 24-years-younger than him) are expecting triplets!  Stevie already has seven children and National Enquirer reports that he and Tomeeka secretly welcomed another baby last year!
A source said, “Stevie and Tomeeka had their first child together last year. I know because I attended the baby shower!” The source continued, “It’s all happened very, very quickly.” Another insider added. “Stevie and Tomeeka met and fell in love instantaneously!” 
Apparently, Mr. Wonder is very happy. The source also said,
“Stevie never thought he’d be a father again so late in life“It may not have been planned but now he’s excited!  He’s been going to all the doctor’s visits and scans with Tomeeka. He actually can’t wait until the birth. Stevie missed so much of his other children’s upbringings, he’s vowed to be there for their children and for his soon-to-be new wife.”
Congrats to Stevie. 
Yeah Congrads Stevie!!!

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