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Thursday, September 18, 2014


Put them Middle Fingers up! 
Thee queen diva Miami raptress Trina has drop another hit "F*ck Love" featuring R&B crooner Tory Lanez where thee baddest diva snaps on  her ex in the new track. Listen to the jook on the inside.

YAAS honey Trina is snappin on her ex  in the new single "F*ck Love" spitting a verse that goes a little sumthing, sumthing like this: 

“You can have that bitch / You’ll never find another 10 caramel skin with the right tan,” declares the Baddest B*tch.
We really don't know which one of her ex she is sending this message too. But other reports are claiming she is taking shots at her ex French Montana and Khole Kardashian. 

However Trina did take to twitter to says otherwise:

“This record is NOT an attack just speaking on behalf of everyone who is on #FUCKLOVE getting money and living their life! Rockstarr Ish,” 

Anywho Trina is working on a new album. Press play below to listen to the song, and  you can be the judge on it all:

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