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Tuesday, August 5, 2014


We was scrolling down our Facebook timeline when we ran across a video of Miami snappin rapper Trick Daddy talking something  about eat a booty or eat a booty gang or day, so knowing us we had to find out what the heck is he talking about. And when we did we was like my oh my! Trick is a damn fool...Lol
 Watch video inside of the snapper  explaining who is the 'Eata Booty Gang' .... We can't, smh.

WARNING explicit content and language.

 Trick Daddy – the self-proclaimed mayor of Miami – has proclaimed today “Eata Booty Day.”

Okay here the snap on Trick and his eat a booty snappin per VladTV:

"Miami's Trick Daddy sat down with VladTV to discuss the controversy behind his new crew, the "Eat a Booty" Gang, and why the criticism he's received lately doesn't bother him in the slightest.

According to Trick Daddy, the "Eat a Booty" gang's motto is "baby, lay down, we got you," and is a clear reference to pleasing a woman in a way many men aren't comfortable with. He even invites women to "eat him out" as well, saying he doesn't have any kind of complex about it. He continues, saying he didn't understand why people tried to turn it into something homosexual and says that obviously wasn't what he intended. Still, he has a sense of humor about it and doesn't let the jokes get to him.

When it comes to ignoring critics, Trick says he's never cared what other people had to say about him because he was raised in real situations and exposed to a lot at a young age, thickening his skin over time.

Take a look at the Q&A below" Press play to watch video:

And now Trick  explains the new holiday by sharing the below:

My, my, my all we can say is Trick still is the same and we bet you that  he eat booty like he be eating fired chicken with pride.... LMAO!

Another video here:

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