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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

SNAPPIN NEW MUSIC: OMG "Boy It's Over"... {Audio}

OMG to the OMG who is growing up into oh so beautiful young ladies right before our eyes. As part of their transformation comes their new single “Boy It’s Over,”a remake of Jagged Edge’s “Girl It’s Over”... Listen to it inside.
Tameka 'Tiny' Harris shared the news of the new single on Instagram with caption:

"We outchea!!! My girlz just dropped their new single Boy It's Over! They #12 already on ITunes if u don't have it u should go download ASAP! Those that do have it Thx for all the Love & Support for my 3 Baddies!!! #prettyhustle #omgonerrrthang #omgboyitsover  & if u don't have My single What The Fu@k You Gon Do on ITunes U late we y'all!! "

Press play to listen here:

Told you this young ladies are growing.... Look how pretty they look without all the make-up. BTW: The trio,  now just go by OMG, they drop the girlz.

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