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Sunday, August 17, 2014


Mrs. Nene Leakes is getting her business women on as she snapped on the cover of POSE mag. In the issue she speak on RHOA, glam-motherhood and her fashion collection... See more pics of Leakes cover shoot inside.

POSE mag is and award winning  lifestyle mag for plus-size men and women, and Mrs. Leakes, honey is  looking fierce and stunning on the September  2014 issues. Leakes posted the cover via social media saying:

"Thank you Pose for choosing me to Grace your cover! Pick up your copy of Pose Magazine and read my amazing interview speaking on motherhood  being a wifey, friendship, my clothing line , my production company, my Glam’baby, RHOA and my future!"

Scroll below to see more pics...

The issues will hit newsstands on August 18th. 

More Diva: So about Nene and her Cynthia rebuilding their friendship here's the snap per Reality Tea:

"Real Housewives Of Atlanta besties NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Baileyhave been at odds over what seems like pettiness (or could actually be real, big, legit backstabbing).
NeNe claims they never even knew each other to begin with and pretended to be friends for the show. But at the crux of their friendship split was Kenya Moore, whom NeNe feels Cynthia betrayed her with. Of course, NeNe claimed she has no intention of ever speaking to Cynthia again. But Cynthia isn’t ready to let go of the friendship just yet!

In a recent interview NeNe admitted that the two are taking steps to rebuild, stating that their issues are being “sorted out on season seven.” And Cynthiaagrees! “It’s a friendship. We had a rough patch and I’m really looking forward to moving forward with her,” Cynthia explained to WCCB’s QC Scene. “I will always have love for NeNe regardless of whether we’re besties or not.”

Well this is great to hear.... *Diva Snap* to them rebuilding their friendship.... POP THOSE FINGERS

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