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Sunday, August 24, 2014


Oh yeah so Nick Cannon is showing body!! We didn't know Nicki Cannon was packing like that. Whoo hoo  Diva look at that V-cut tho... mm huh yum. Anywho Nick striped down to his birthday suit to get his ASL ice bucket challenge on. Watch Video inside.

Plus Nick confirm he and Mariah Carey live in separate homes, check it all out.
The "America's Got Talent" host hopped on the ALS ice bucket Challenge bandwagon. Except he decide to do it in his birthday suit {naked} Press play to watch below:

Clearly he's been spending his newfound almost-single time in the gym. And when we say single Nick has separate from Mariah Carey the two are living in separate homes. 

Scroll below to get the deets...

Here's the snap per TMZ:

Sources tell TMZ that Nick made the decision to leave Mimi because the atmosphere around her is so "toxic" and full of so much "chaos" that he fears for their two children and wants to leave.
Wait, what?! If you fear for your children, why would you leave them?
Sources say Nick wants to set up a separate environment for them, sort of a safe haven, so they have at least one calm place to go to. This sort of jibes with what Nick revealed --
During an interview with The Insider, the “America’s Got Talent” host confirmed he and his soon-to-be ex-wife are living apart. And have been for a while. He dished,
 "We have been living in separate houses for a few months.”
So how is Nick handling the uncoupling? He says he’s just focusing on their 3-year-old twins, Monroe & Moroccan. He also dispelled any cheating rumors as the cause of their break-up.
The source also claims that Nick is worried for Mariah's mental health. Mariah, as you may remember, had an emotional breakdown in 2001 and was hospitalized for that usual celebrity affliction whenever they check into a hospital: "extreme exhaustion." So worries about Mariah's emotional well-being might be well founded.
TMZ also reports that they're told that the kids have already shown signs of "emotional upset" at having to live with Mariah.

Oh Gawd... We pray they work this out!

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