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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


For  years Folks has been snappin that the late rapper Tupac is not dead... Well check the above pic out closely of rapper Fabulous and his lady-boo Emily B as they get photo bomb by Tupac at the BET award 14... Shocker or nah?

YAAS boo Tupac made his appearance at the popping event... spook right?! See how Pac was able to hit up at the award show... Are you ready for this... Count to three than head inside.

Okay Wait For it....

Wait For it....

Wait For it....

It's not Tupac, it's upcoming aspiring Actor Kevonne Wright a Pac look-a-like... Yep he had you for a minute.. um huh!... If we must say Buddy sure is playing Pac well... 

Scroll below for more pics and reaction ... The Pac look-a-like went viral when rapper Fabulous posted the below pic with caption:

"That awkward moment when u realize 2Pac is sitting behind you at the BET Awards.. 



The Shade room took to Instagram to share the above pic to say: 
[Exclusive]: Guess what? The casting call for the Tupac Biopic is underway! John Singleton @shaft6816 will be directing the movie and will be working with his mother and @lthutton (hinted to it on his page) to produce it. We saw John Singleton at Indie Night on Sunday and knew something was up. The guy they've set their sights on is Kevonne Wright @tshakur2012 (above). He's been studying Tupac for years and is really serious about the role. He was even featured on the TMZ show and they named him the best candidate for the part before the idea came to fruition. Do you all think he looks like the late great Tupac Shakur? Did they get it right this time? 

Press play to watch reaction of Kevonne as Pac below:        

Pretty funny and cool right or H-to-the nah?

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