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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


She what?! Honey Folks better be careful how they clown people pics on instagram, they suing now. YAAS darlings the Teen in the above pic is suing the gram for a whole lot of cash babe... as in cha ching for turning her pic into a funny Meme... Check it out inside
Okay here the snap Reports Source.com:
Uh-oh Instagram is in a lot of trouble…or are they?
If you have any access to social networks, without a doubt you have seen the photo above which have been created into dozens of memes that’s shared amongst millions of people—including celebrities.
The girl in the photo, Keisha Johnson, 16, is suing Instagram. Yikes! According to Odgossip.com,
16 Year Old Kiesha Johnson, of Birmingham Alabama, was just hanging with friends that took a bad picture of her and uploaded it to Instagram. Immediately, that photo went viral and was shared on Millions of profiles including celebrities. Everyone started mocking her now famous pose. “My face looked ugly like I was about to throw up.. I look nothing like that in real life… Im really a bad b*tch!” said Johnson.

The teenager who resides in Birmingham, Alabama, is upset with the way her photo has been shared and mocked. She revealed that one of her friends took a photo of her and uploaded it to Instagram. Shortly after, her photo went viral and everybody started mocking her pose.

Watch the news on this below:

Shouldn't she sue the person that upload the pic on IG... 

Now we confuse... #Getit!

Now for the Folks  who don’t read Terms and Privacy Policy, per IG: 

 “By using our Service you understand and agree that we are providing a platform for you to post content, including photos, comments and other materials (“User Content”), to the Service and to share User Content publicly. This means that other Users may search for, see, use, or share any of your User Content that you make publicly available through the Service, consistent with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use (which can be found at http://instagram.com/legal/terms).”

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