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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Hold up, wait a minute now... say what the what?! We know right...

Well it sound like there's a new man in the palace. Momma Dee snapped on twitter that she is allegedly dating reality star Hollywood Exes Andrea Kelly ex hubby Brain McKee. But do we believe her... Get the news inside.

Serveral months ago, like 2 0r 3 it was revealed when Andrea Kelly's husband she surprised her "Hollywood Exes" co-stars with became her ex-boo... The marriage was over like 1,2,3... Okay here the snap per YBF:

"Andrea married Brian McKee within just two months of getting engaged to him.  And it doesn't seem they knew each other long before the engagement, because NONE of Andrea's co-stars/friends had even met the guy until the season premiere when she introduced Brian as her fiance.
Well, just two months after their split, Brian the "barber" seems to have already moved on with another VH1 chick....Momma Dee!  Yes, really.
Dude is really not helping his case when it comes to folks thinking he's a straight up opportunist...and a few other things.

Momma Dee posted the above pic and the below sentiments last night:

“Finally my king @B_crispy1 :)”

She followed this photo with a tweet setting folks straight about his marital status, she wrote:
“Inquiring minds wants to know he’s divorce and so am I.”
However Brian ceased the dating rumors saying that he and Momma-Dee are nothing but good friends :
"People in this world is so crazy! Its unreal how people think! People love to think the worst about people.smdh"

Whoo, we was about to say, Eww... Lol

Any Thoughts,
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