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Friday, July 25, 2014


On Thursday Nicki Minaj  showed off  her asset on the cover of her upcoming album 'Pink Print' featuring new single “Anaconda,” rocking a pink sports bra and thong in a pair of swagg out cute-ish Nike Air Jordan 6's. That you just may want to style in too... So on that note check out how to get the sneaker on the inside.

Nicki Minaj released the cover art for her new single “Anaconda,” available July 28th on iTunes. On the cover she is snapped in a pair of Nike Air Jordan 6 Retro GS Sneakers in “Game Royal” that is (sold out) on Nike.com. But that okay because we got you cover on where you can get the sneakers.

Scroll below to see more pics of the sneaker and get yours...

Althrough the Jordan are sold out on Nike.com You can purchases the snappin sneaker on eBay, ranging from $120 to $190.

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