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Saturday, July 26, 2014


Oh Wow! The new BET talk show diva Keke Palmer is def letting it be known that little girl from Disney channel we all watched grow up right before our eyes is a young hot lady now!  Ms. Palmer snapped darlings... in this month summer issues of Runway Mag flaunting her curves in and sexy-chic black and white zippered bikini looking flawless. Check out the issue inside.

Plus get the super hot swim Keke is wearing....
The 20-year old boss Keke is pictured in the issue with some fabulous long wavy-curl hair, nose rings, tattoos... looking oh so stunning. She recently talk  to Christian Post about her ambition and love life saying:
“I think it’s hard to have a love life in general when you’re focused. I’m a very ambitious person and I think a lot of times it’s hard to find somebody that matches that same ambition. Even aside from the industry itself and feeling like you can or cannot trust people it’s just when you’re focused and when you’re really ambitious those type of things really affect the person you’re dating or the person you’re thinking about dating.”
And now we just have to say *Diva Snap* to Keke and her sexy Boss-status...POP THOSE FINGERS! 

Oh how we loving Keke hair.....YAAS! 

BTW: You can also get super hot and sexy in Fierce Angel swimsuit that Keke is wearing in the issue from reality star Kim Bella boutique..{CLICK HERE}
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