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Thursday, June 26, 2014


Chris Breezy is some what a free man and is already snappin at the mouth on his loyal lady-boo Karrurche Trans or atleast that what his Fans think... 

Check out why Chris snap on instgram calling Karrueche a B*tch, inside. Hell to the nah...Lol

And here it comes: 

"This bitch scares me when she drive!! 

 #goodluckeverybodyelse "

So yep Breezy shared the above pic on IG  of him and his lady-boo calling her the B' word which made Team Breezy snapped! Sheesh... Catch it below:

Now the snappin from Team Breezy or maybe Team Tran:

·        ngelajones0607 Yall look cute together stay with her  1d

·         brandonj863 @kutariman right 1d

·         pursuit2happynest @adventuresofsuperhero did he call her a bitch 1d

·         adventuresofsuperhero @pursuit2happynest lmaoooo yes 1d
·         pursuit2happynest @adventuresofsuperhero smdh no respect 1d
·         adventuresofsuperhero @pursuit2happynest that's his bitch tho lol 1d
·         bongingoma Shes beautiful nd lovable, wife her! 1d
·         d.i.o.s You fucked up Rihanna physically. Now you're calling this girl a bitch. Lmfao, keep it up. Smh 1d
·         mor3na_b3lla85 U look hit my nigga! U played urself with Rihanna and look at u now smmfh 1d
·         therealjasslinda_ Nigga said " this bitch" 1d
·         the_queen_bre U can't call her a bitch dude. That's yo lady. 1d
·         lillypitcher Why call her a bitch?!? 1d
·         beyoutifuldiva @chrisbrownofficial miss you so glad to see tou out! 1d
·         maniac_jess Bitch? Really ... ? Not cool Chris never ever call a female that 1d
·        tamara.xxo @jadadanae_ why she gotta be a bitch  8h

Yeah Chris why she gotta be a b*tch?? ..... Lol! Okay folks calm down supposedly he is calling the car a B*tch and not his lady boo Karrueche... Something of a joke from the funny show Family Guy
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