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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The Cast of  'Think Like A Man Too' head down here to the Regal theater on South Beach for the M.I.A screening of the  popping flick, and some of the well-known like Sybrina Fulton turn up. Check it out inside.

Lala is on her Capitol A game as a fashion diva these days. She was styling cute-ish in a sexy bodycon dress, as she dished on aiming for movie stardom... Here's what she told YBF.com:
“I am getting good at being the best friend. Power is on right now, it premiered Saturday, you will see my character Lakeisha Grant continue to grow and I also wrapped up a movie that Queen Latifah Executive Produced called November Room which will be out soon and I am out on the grind, figuring out my next move but in the meantime I have my book which I am turning into a movie as well, I have my clothing line for The Mercer and my makeup line Motives for LaLa. I am definitely keeping myself busy. “
And about whether her own Love Playbook conflicts with author Steve Harvey's rules in the TLAM series, LaLa tells us:
“No not always a guys perspective on a relationship and a woman’s is totally different. There are some of the same stuff, but guys are able to take the emotion out of relationships and out of things, women on the other hand, what makes it so great is that we are so emotional but at times that hurts us and you see a lot of that in this movie. I am excited to see what everyone here in Miami thinks of the film. 

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            Sybrina Fulton the mother of  Trayvon Martin and activist, was also there to support the film.

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