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Sunday, May 25, 2014


Tiny girrllll! What you doing in Vegas with Mayweather, making T.I. 38 hot & ish?!?  Diva we need to talk, call us!

So why many Celebs are down here in Miami chillixan during this urban beach memorial day weekend. We hear other Celebs head up to Las Vegas to make news headline dooking it out Saturday night. Floyd Money Mayweather and rapper T.I. to be exact. Watch the snap down video inside... Plus catch the two still continued the beef on instagram.

Keeping it Divaish and Straight to the point on T.I. and Mayweather snap down that started because of Tameka 'Tiny' Harris partying it up in Vegas with Mayweather according to reports. But first take a look at  the Rapper letting it be known he put those hands on Mayweather and addressing those black eyes rumors by sharing this instagram video caption: 

Two black what?????? C'mon now. Never in da history of Nigga-dom. But nice try tho. Lol

Press play to watch the clip below:

Meanwhile Mayweather spotted in the strip club informing T.I. "These H*es ain't Loyal" in the below clip:

Okay now here is how the snap down started allegedly:

A more calmer Mayweather explain his side of the story  which he stated that the whole mess started in early May when T.I. approached him after Tiny posted  the below pic of her and the boxer hanging together.

Tiny also took to twitter to speak on the snap down with her followers: 

Now the snap down, press play:

Watch Mayweather speak on it all, and apologizes to Tiny {perhaps to piss T.I. off some more}:

 To add more fuse to the fire, Nelly shared the below  pic with T.I. to basically inform T.I. he has his back. {Considering Nelly and Mayweather was beefing some weeks ago}
 LUV Bra....@troubleman31 #COUNTRYBOYZ 

 Ha! Can we all just get along! Oh and as for Tiny...Chile boo she Unbother...

Me & @msdecordon Just Kicking It in the room! Unbothered 

And Now YourThoughts, 

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