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Saturday, May 31, 2014


Diva MJB  new hit "Suitcase" from soundtrack "Think Like A Man Too" just snap on the net, listen to it inside... It's Mary babe!

The film "Think Like A Man Too" will be in theater this summer, the movie has teamed up with EPIC records once again for a hot soundtrack, adding Mary J. Blige to make it a knock out.  Mary hit the studios to hook up an collection of music inspired by key scene in "Think Like A Man Too" trailer and film. The first single "Suitcase has her signature sound, and is a remake of Shalamar's hit "A Night to Remember".

Press play to hear "Suitcase" below:

"Think Like A Man Too Tracklisting:
1. “A Night to Remember”
2. “Vegas Nights” feat. The-Dream
3. “Moment of Love”
4. “See That Boy Again” feat. Pharrell Williams
5. “Wonderful”
6. “Kiss and Make Up”
7. “Cargo”
8. “Suitcase”
9. “I Want You”
10. “Self Love”
11. “Power Back”
12. “All Fun and Games”
13. “Better”
14. “Propose”

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